Director urges more men in Nyandarua to enrol for adult education

Nyandarua education
Nyandarua County Director of Adult Education Margaret Nduku (right) looks on as an adult student displays a sample of her handcrafts during the International Literacy Day at Ol Jororok stadium.

Nyandarua County Director of Adult Education Margaret Nduku has called on men from the county to enroll in adult literacy centres to boost the uptake of adult education in the region.

Speaking during the marking of the International Literacy Day at Ol Jororok stadium, Nduku said that out of the 787 adult learners who will sit the basic literacy examination this year, only 222 are men compared to 565 women.

“In post-literacy, we have only 137 men compared to 283 women attending classes, post-primary enrolment has 52 men and 102 women, while in the secondary section, we have 22 men against 33 women,” she said.

Nduku promised to coordinate with other education stakeholders to build more facilities and provide learning materials whose deficiency have been a key factor driving adult learners away.

She said that they have been forced in some incidents to use ECDE classes and churches to facilitate the learning process.

At the same time, the Director said the sector is looking to introduce extra-curricular activities in a bid to attract more enrolments.

“We have introduced some economic projects to help learners earn some money as they learn, otherwise classes will be empty and eventually adult learning will die in the county,” she added.

Nduku disclosed that the total number of adult education students in the county now stands at 1,415 students.

By Vostine Ratemo

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