Court session suspended after mother whose son was allegedly assaulted by teachers turned emotional

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Five teachers from a school in Shinyalu are in court being charged with ‘crushing’ a student’s genitals in school.

The five, Adelaide Athaka Majoni, Vincent Kadasia Mbakaya, Argedius Lubembe, Victor Andove Achesa and Eglay Lungatso Lilungu, are said to have subjected the boy to corporal punishment after he was reportedly found in possession of a mobile phone while in school on October 19, 2021.

The case which was supposed to be heard at a Kakamega court on Tuesday was however suspended after the Mother of the boy turned emotional during the hearing session.

Caroline Khamali was overwhelmed by emotions while giving her testimony in the case where the five teachers are accused of assaulting the minor, leaving him nursing wounds on his private parts.

Khamali, 45, who is also a teacher at a separate school, found herself wailing and crying in court when the lawyers of the teachers presented to the court what she termed as “fake letters.”

“One teacher was enough to discipline the boy for whatever crime he had committed, including possessing a phone in school. Beating him in a staff room mob and particularly targeting his manhood was wrong,” she said.

“The grown up teachers wanted to have him stop bearing children, tell me court, why would a grownup do that to the son of another, why my son?  You’d rather have assaulted me than my only son!” She said

The woman was pains as she screamed saying the boy was the only child she had and doing such a thing to her only son was intended to cut short her future generation.

The letters in question included a written apology in which the boy repents to his teachers and mother for stealing and possessing three phones.

And another one that reportedly bound her not to proceed with the case of the alleged assault beyond the school gates.

“I don’t know the letters, I did not append my signature, you can’t hurt my child and fix me by fake letters,” she lamented

Senior Resident Magistrate Viena Amboko stopped Ms. Khamali’s testimony on the grounds that she needed to be emotionally stable before proceeding.

“I understand she is the mother of the complainant who is the minor injured in the case and she has been provoked to a  point of turning too emotional as she recounted the developments surrounding her child’s injuries,” ruled Magistrate Amboko.

“Because of that I feel that we adjourn the hearing to September 22, 2023 when I believe she would be of sober of mind to give her side of the story. The prosecution should as well bring the schoolmates of the injured child to testify.”

The five teachers are out on a Ksh.200,000 bond with strict instructions not to interfere with their pupils who are key witnesses in the case.

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