Courses students selected, shunned in varsity placements  

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Ideally, in 2021, the government released a giant list of core courses ranked priority areas, based on the Big 4 Agenda and the broader Vision 2030.

Interestingly, data released by Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) depicts that in the 2022 selection and placement: Education, Commerce and Computer Science, emerged as the most preferred courses students who scored C+ and above went for.

Foremost, Bachelor of Education topped the list, with nearly 30,000 students opting to wend that way.

It emerged as the most sought-after degree programme. Somewhat, 20,151 chose to pursue Bachelor of Education (Arts).

As 9,431 will pursue Bachelor of Education (Science). Then, 5,567 purposed to pursue Bachelor of Arts. As 4,367 decided to pursue Bachelor of Commerce.

While 2,912 will pursue Computer Science.

Consequently, others that attracted more students include Bachelor of Science Agriculture Education and Extension which got 1,657 students. Human Resource Management had 1,638.

Bachelor of Science in IT had 1,459.  As Criminology and Security Studies got 1,395. Bachelor of Law got 1,200. Political Science and Public Administration got 1,081

Conversely, some courses attracted fewer students. Yet, they are courses quite critical in matters of National Development. Only 1 student went for the Bachelor of Science course.

This includes studies in areas such as Food Security, Horticulture, Soil Science, Forestry, Dryland Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Geophysics and Mineralogy, Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology, Environmental Chemistry

In addition, the Bachelor of Science in Climate Change and Sustainable Development will admit only 7 students. This compromises the gallant fight against Climate Change that is now a global threat.

Also, dealing a devastating blow to the campaign on Blue Economy is the admission of only 8 students to pursue the Bachelor of Science Fisheries and Aquaculture programme.

Then, the plan to mainstream Chaplaincy, Guidance and Counselling in schools also faces a chilling challenge because students who expressed interest in this sphere of knowledge were few.

For instance, only 5 students expressed interest to pursue Bachelor of Arts Counselling. Only 7 students will pursue Theology.

Moreover, the push to open up the manufacturing industry also suffered a big blow. Only 16 student.

By Victor Ochieng’

The writer rolls out career talks and training services. 0704420232

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