County to sustain shortage as teachers turn down JSS jobs in Marsabit 

Teachers TSC and Unions talks

Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) in Marsabit County will continue facing teacher shortages after unemployed teachers failed to fill the 150 vacancies the Commission had recently advertised.

According to a letter dated August 2, 2023, Marsabit TSC County Director Ali Hussein Abdi has now asked the Eastern TSC Staffing Director through the Regional Director, to fill the 84 remaining vacancies from the regional merit list generated during a previous recruitment.

Out of 150 JSS vacancies that were advertised by the Commission, only 66 were verified hence falling short of 84 vacancies yet to be filled.

“Kindly note that, we are unable to fill the declared vacancies for JSS teachers, we request for authority to fill the shortfall from the merit list of Eastern Region,” said Hussein in the letter.

This comes after the Commission last month revealed that teachers are shunning vacancies in arid and semi-arid land (ASAL) counties with TSC Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Nancy Macharia while appearing before the National Assembly Education Committee stating that they have re-advertised but no applications were made.

The Commission noted further that trained unemployed teachers in North Eastern counties have been avoiding teaching vacancies in the area, with Dr. Macharia revealing that the Commission advertised 36,000 vacancies in December 2022 and recruited only 35,790 teachers.

However, 210 vacancies for intern teachers have not been filled in Mandera, Wajir and Garissa counties because no applications were submitted; where 174 were in Mandera, 29 in Wajir and 7 in Garissa counties.

Marsabit County JSS shortfall

SN Sub-County Advertised Vacancies Verified Shortfall
1 North Horr 9 3 6
2 Dukana 5 1 4
3 Marsabit Central 36 24 12
4 Laisamis 21 7 14
5 Loiyangalani 15 3 12
6 Marsabit North 7 0 7
7 Moyale 27 21 6
8 Sololo 22 5 17
9 Chalbi 8 2 6
  TOTAL 150 66 84

By Roy Hezron

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