Concerns raised after Lugumek students walk out of school at midnight

On Tuesday at night, male students at Lugumek Secondary School in Bomet County stormed out
of school leaving behind all the girls and only two boys in the institution.

According to Chepalungu sub-county police commandant, Phanton Analo, a total of 154 boys
gathered on the school grounds at around 11:30 pm before marching off to unknown destinations.

“The students were calm and didn’t cause any damage while exiting the compound,” Analo said.

However, the incident has raised concerns among the school administration and local authorities.
The school administration had earlier requested the help of the police after leaflets warning of an
impending strike were found within the compound.

The police have embarked on a serious patrol in the neighborhood to establish their whereabouts
and their intentions.

County Director of Education Leonard Ngugi said a team of his officers has visited the school to
assess the situation.

The authorities are keen on understanding the underlying reasons for this unusual incident and
addressing any potential issues that may have led to such a drastic action by the male students.

As the situation unfolds, both the school administration and local authorities are working closely
to ensure the safety and well-being of the students involved.

By Thuita Jaswant

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