Clergy blames birth control for dismal numbers of children in schools

Murang'a priest
Murang'a Presbyterian Church of East Africa Reverend Daile Nderitu

The small number of children presented for baptism or attending church-sponsored schools in Murang’a County is raising serious concerns among church leaders in the region.

Preaching during a burial ceremony, a Presbyterian prelate who is the minister in charge of Murang’a PCEA Parish Reverend Daniel Kamau Nderitu, noted that birth control measures are partly contributing to the emerging population stagnation.

He observed that investments made by the church and other stakeholders in pre- primary and early education facilities are underutilized due to the decreased enrollment of learners.

He said most primary schools in the Mt. Kenya region have reduced numbers of children at the lower levels, an indicator of fewer children being born.

The clergyman said the community is at risk of losing significance in the near future if the population data continues spiraling.

Reverend Nderitu encouraged young men and women in marriage to boost the numbers by bearing more children to fill the schools.

He told them to ignore the birth control instruments and mind the interests of the community in comparison with other groups in the country, detailing from scripture that people are mandated to participate actively in procreation.

Population data from the last census shows that the average household in the region has two children.

The dropping numbers are said to be contributed to by economic factors, decreasing land space, changing lifestyle, crisis in the marriage institution, single parenthood, foreign culture, alcoholism, and unemployment, among other challenges.

By Kage Njoroge

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