CEMASTEA sets dates for December training of JSS teachers

A section of JSS teachers at a past event

The Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA) is set to continue the training of Junior Secondary School (JSS) intern teachers from December 13-16, 2023, having commenced the training of first cohort in April.

In a circular addressed to all County Directors of Education (CDEs) dated November 3, 2023, CEMASTEA outlined the details of the upcoming county-level training.

The focus of this training will be to enhance the Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) of newly recruited JSS teachers assigned to teach Mathematics and Integrated Science.

The circular directed the CDEs to invite JSS teachers to participate in the four-day training, emphasizing that only recently recruited Mathematics and Integrated Science teachers are eligible.

Those who participated in the April/May 2023 training sessions are not eligible for this round.

Additionally, the CDEs are instructed to ensure an equitable distribution of invited teachers across the two subject clusters.

The INSET centre(s) hosting the training is expected to be prepared, purchasing the required materials and adhering to the approved budget for the December 2023 Junior School County INSET.

To facilitate the attendance of participants, CDEs are directed to provide a daily allowance as per the approved budget, enabling teachers to secure accommodation near the designated training venues.

Furthermore, a return transport allowance is to be provided in line with the approved budget for the training.

All related expenses, including coordination responsibilities, attendance registers and compilation of lists of trainers, are expected to be managed in strict accordance with the approved budget for the December 2023 Junior School County INSET.

CEMASTEA’s comprehensive guidelines aim to ensure a smooth and effective training programme for JSS teachers, enhancing their pedagogical skills in Mathematics and Integrated Science.

By Viola Chepkemoi

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