CDE: Nakuru County puts strategies in place to ensure more students transit to university

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Nakuru County Director of Education Victoria Mulili has urged Secondary School Heads to pull up their socks and produce good results to enable many 2023 KCSE Candidates to transit to university.

Mulili said education was meant to transform learners and enable them to get the best in life evidenced by successful future life.

She said her office has put adequate measures to boost the standards of Education in Nakuru County.

Together with the Quality Assurance and Standards Officers from the Ministry of Education, they conduct Advisory Assessments and linking with various education departments they visit schools to talk to teachers, students and School Heads over matters of the schools.

“We have been visiting our schools to see how we can improve the grades of our students”, said Mulili.

She also encouraged teachers to be student-friendly so that they can address the challenges affecting students which may lead to poor performance in examinations.

“Teachers should use the language that motivates students and can make learners gear themselves towards improving positively from one grade to another”, said The Director.

The CDE said the County set a target early in the year that various categories of schools should attain with National Schools being given a mean of 10.0 and above, Extra County Schools a mean of 9.0 and above, County Schools a mean of 8.0 and above and  Sub County Schools a mean of 7.0 and above.

“We are supposed to meet our target so that we can achieve our dream of ensuring the majority of our students can transit to university” ” she said.

She added that parents invest heavily in the education of their children therefore it was not fair for them to produce poor results, and that is why they were burning the midnight oil to ensure quality grades.

Mulili said the County Education office, will also ensure all primary schools get at least a mean of 300 in KCPE examinations.

“We want children from Nakuru County to pass well in KCPE and join good secondary schools in Kenya”, said the Director.

Nakuru County has 746 public primary schools and 451 private primary Schools.

By Peter Otuoro

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