Cabinet approves school fees payment via eCitizen despite Court ruling

President William Ruto Photo Courtesy.

The Cabinet has approved the payment of school fees through the eCitizen platform in a bid to digitize the country’s education system, despite the High Court extending conservatory orders suspending the government’s directive regarding the same.

In a dispatch seen by Education News, after a Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday, February 14, the Cabinet noted that the intervention was crucial to address challenges experienced in the education system, especially the regular introduction of extra levies in schools.

“In keeping with the Administration’s digital transformation agenda, Cabinet sanctioned the digitization of the entire education system, spanning from basic education to tertiary and university levels,” the despatch reads in part.

The approval is a shift from the government targeting only national schools in the initial plan.

“This intervention aims to address the governance challenges within our education system that has led to parallel accounts, charging of unauthorized school fees, diversion of the exchequer releases on capitation and other fraudulent activities that undermine the integrity of the education system, leading to the enrollment of ghost students,” it continues.

In a letter addressed to all principals dated January 31, 2024, Basic Education Principal Secretary (PS) Belio Kipsang stated that the new form of payment, which is in line with the government’s directive to consolidate all platforms through PayBill number 222222, was to begin to take effect on Tuesday, February 6.

“The directorate of e-Citizen in partnership with the Information Communication Technology Authority (ICTA), Ministry of Information, Communication and the Digital Economy and the National Treasury have been coordinating the onboarding of all government services onto the E-citizen platform to enhance service delivery. As part of compliance with the requirements, it is directed that parents/guardians make fee payments for their learners in your institutions through this platform,” part of the letter read.

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