Bungoma to employ more VTC instructors to boost technical education standards


Bungoma County Executive Committee Member (CECM) in charge of Education and Vocation Training Dr. David Wamamili has said that his department will employ more Vocation Training Instructors to the dissemination of quality technical education.

Addressing the press in his office on Tuesday, Dr. Wamamili noted that the county has 86 Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) with each ward having at least one VTC and that the available instructors are currently facing a heavy workload.

“We have ensured that every ward has at least a VTC where our youth can enroll and acquire technical skills and knowledge that will benefit them in the future,” he said.

The CECM said that despite the County Assembly not allocating funds in the 2023/24 budget for the debt-ridden department, he will ensure that the institutions receive more instructors.

He called on 2022 KCSE candidates who missed direct university entry to enroll to local VTCs in large numbers, adding that the county government will support them financially.

Dr. Wamamili said that apart from equipping the youth with technical knowledge, VTCs are also taking part in income-generating activities to earn their own revenue.

He noted that the County is looking forward to partnering with international organizations to aid in acquiring technical equipment.

However, the CECM said that the County will first employ Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) teachers on permanent and pensionable terms.

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