Bungoma leaders vow to end shameful teen pregnancies menace 

Bungoma leaders led by Governor Ken Lusaka in a consultative meeting called to find ways of stemming the ever rising cases of teen pregnancies in the county.

Leaders in Bungoma County have vowed  to  end the teen pregnancy menace that has gone on unabated and put the county to shame, setting it up as a bad example and the laughing stock of the country.

Speaking  at  Lugulu  Girls  National  School  recently  during  a  leaders  consultative  meeting  on  education  and  teenage  pregnancy,  Bungoma   Governor  Ken  Lusaka  reiterated  his  government’s  commitment  to  ensure  that  young  girls  are protected  from  sex pests,  noting  that  it  is one  of  the  major  causes  of  the high  rates  of  drop out  and  poor  performance .

“ I  am   utterly  shattered  by  the  ballooning  numbers  of  our  teens  getting  pregnant  while  in  school,” declared  Lusaka,  citing  a recent   report  that  there were 26,149 teen  mothers  and  1,679  HIV-positive  girls  aged  10-24 in  Bungoma  County  by  June  2023.

On  his  part,  Bungoma  County  Commissioner   Thomas   Sankei  said  Interior  Ministry  officers  from  all  the  13  sub-counties  will  work closely  to  bring the  perpetrators  to  book,  urging  parents  to  avoid  settling  matters  informally  as  it is  against  the  rule  of  law.

The crisis meeting was attended by leaders across board, including religious, political and government officers.

Bungoma  County  Director  of  Education  Pius  Ng’oma, on a different matter, asked  parents  and leaders  to  seek  dialogue  with  teachers  when things do not happen the way they want instead  of  harassing them.

His  sentiments  were  repeated  by  TSC  Director  Wilson  Kibor  Koros  and  Caleb  Omondi, who is  in charge  of  quality  assurance  and  standards.

Other leaders present at the meeting were legislators  Dan  Wanyama  of  Webuye  West, Martin  Wanyonyi  Pepela  of  Webuye  East, Jack  Wamboka  of  Bumula, John  Makali of  Kanduyi,  and  Didmus  Barasa  of  Kimilili, who generally agreed to come up with more  laws  to  protect  children.

Others were Senator  David  Wafula  Wakoli, Deputy  Governor  Jenipher  Mbatiany, Vice Chancellor Kibabii  University Prof  Isaac  Odeo  Ipara, and  Lugulu  Girls  High  School  Chief  Principal  Dina  Cheruiyot.

By Achola Bulimo Mathews

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