Brookhouse School hosts Cambridge Swahili curriculum workshop in Nairobi

Swahili teachers during a Cambridge Swahili curriculum workshop at Brookhouse School hosts in Nairobi over the weekend.

The Brookhouse International School, last Saturday hosted Kiswahili workshop which gathered Swahili teachers under the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum in the East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The workshop was held to discuss some of the emerging issues and problems teachers of Kiswahili and students encounter while teaching and learning Kiswahili under the Cambridge curriculum.

The Seminar identified problems in the Kiswahili Paper One which entails reading and writing. Teachers said it was too long and tiresome to students.


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The teachers further said the Paper One appears difficult to students who take Swahili as their third or fourth language. To tackle the problem, teachers suggested the provision of two papers, one for those taking Swahili as a core language and the other one for those taking it as an extended language.

On the second Kiswahili paper on listening, teachers suggested that those talking on the records should speak slowly to give learners humble time to listen to their recordings. The teachers also provided further strategies to be used to teach and examine their learners.

The tutors also raised alarm on the challenges they face while teaching and examining Swahili Paper Three which is an optional paper to learners. They said few schools have been teaching it making its relevance to diminish.

The workshop was organised by the Cambridge Assessment International Education and the Brookhouse International School staff.

By Brian Ndigo

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