Teachers, TSC staff get new travel allowance rates

SRC teachers
Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) Chairperson Lyn Mengich. Photo Courtesy

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The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has revised the Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) rates – travel allowance – for civil servants, including teachers, across the country to cover local travel.

The new rates aim to provide fair compensation for travel expenses incurred during official duties.

In a circular dated August 7, 2023 and signed by SRC Chairperson Lyn Mengich, the Commission noted that the new DSA applies to all cities, county headquarters and all other towns.

Teachers in Grade B5 (Primary Teacher II) and C1 (Secondary Teacher III, Lecturer III, Primary Teacher I) will receive a DSA of Ksh6,300.

Those in Grade C2 (Secondary Teacher II, SNE Teacher II-Primary, Lecturer II, Senior Teacher II), C3 (Secondary Teacher I, Lecturer I, SNE Teacher I-Primary, SNE Teacher II-Secondary, Senior Teacher I), C4 (Senior Lecturer IV, Senior Master IV, SNE Senior Teacher – Primary, SNE Teacher I – Secondary, Deputy Headteacher II) and C5 (Senior Master III, Senior Lecturer III, Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher I, Curriculum Support Officer II) will now receive a DSA of Ksh11,200.

Meanwhile, teachers in Grade D1 (Senior Master II, Deputy Principal III, Senior Headteacher, Senior Lecturer II, Curriculum Support Officer I) D2 (Deputy Principal II, Senior Master I, Senior Lecturer I), D3 (Principal, Deputy Principal I), D4 (Senior Principal) and D5 (Chief Principal) will earn a DSA of Ksh14,000.

“This Circular supersedes any other Circular on Retreat Allowance, Taskforce Allowance, Sitting Allowance, for Institutional Internal Committees, and DSA (Local and Foreign Travel) in the public service.” Says the Circular.

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