Bondo NG-CDF revises bursary rules to favour 2024 KCSE candidates

Bondo MP Gideon Ochanda handing over a dormitory at Got Abiero Secondary School.

Bondo NG-CDF has revised the bursary support scheme in a way that prospective 2024 KCSE candidates in day schools benefit the most to help in their retention in school throughout the year.

Area MP Dr Gideon Ochanda revealed that the candidates will get Ksh10,000, which is an increase from the Ksh6,000 the previous years. They will be expected to only pay 4,000 shillings for the whole year.

“We wanted a formula that all day secondary schools will get a third of the received NG-CDF funds. We only received 30 million against 180 million expected as a constituency (2023-2024 financial year), which includes monies for administrative functions, emergency funds and statutory deductions,” he disclosed.

He observed that in the new system, the fund will support a third of the candidate population in all the day schools, and then clear the remaining in the next phase of funds release from Treasury.

The intention according to the MP is to have all candidates in Bondo in school.

“We have agreed with the principals of all the day schools that none of them will be sent home for fees. This will go a long way in ensuring we have an even better performance in the 2024 KCSE,” he noted.

He made the remarks while presiding over the official hand over of the newly established Opoya Primary School in Central Sakwa that cost Ksh9 million.

In the restructured system, boarding secondary schools will be required to carry out assessments on needy/ bright students basis to determine the genuine cases qualifying for support.

“We realized that when you send students to fill bursary forms, virtually all of them get the chief’s signatures. We have now changed it and given the boarding schools the role to help us determine genuine cases that need support since they understand the students better in terms of challenges of fees (payment),” he stated.

In his tour of the constituency, the MP also handed over a renovated dormitory at Got Abiero Secondary School and a completed administration block at Kanyibok Secondary School, among other school projects in Mageta Island.

By Erick Nyayiera

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