Body of head teacher in Bungoma found wrapped in blanket

The late Fred Lunani.

A teacher has been killed and body wrapped in a blanket in Bumula Constituency in Bungoma County.

The body of Fred Lunani, a head teacher in Lunao RC Primary School, was found in his house.

According to the family members, the head teacher was allegedly killed due to a long-standing family dispute after marrying a second wife.

The wife, who is suspected of being the architect of the brutal murder, is currently detained at the Bumula Police Station while detectives are carrying on the investigation.

The wife was reportedly in the same house when her husband was murdered and his body wrapped in a blanket with legs and hands tied with ropes.

Lunani’s family called on the police to speed up investigations to ensure those behind the incident were arrested and charged in court.

“We want justice to prevail and the people involved arrested because we have lost as a family,” Lunani’s Brother Charles Mwangale said.

Bungoma South Knut chairperson Augustine Watamba condemned the incident urging the investigating agencies to move with speed and arrest the killers.

By Brian Ndigo

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