Atwoli advises govt to seek opinions of varsity students on shilling performance

COTU Kenya Secretary General Francis Atwoli. He wants the government to take the advice of university students on fiscal performance.

The government should not ignore young economists and financial experts in the university when analysing performance of the country’s economy, Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli has said.

Observing that some of the analyses by the World Bank on the performance of the Kenyan shilling were misleading, the trade unionist said the government should consider the opinions of local experts.

In an interview, Atwoli said that studies and research done by some business students and lecturers at the University of Nairobi (UoN) had revealed that despite the devaluation of the shilling by the international monetary organisations, it was not the case on the ground.

“Cotu sponsored studies to ascertain whether the huge devaluation of the shilling in the past was real and it turned out that it was not true,” he argued.

He advised global financial trackers to get accurate data by going to the grassroots before making conclusions.


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By Robert Nyagah

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