Provisional 2023 KCSE results from across the country

Education CS Ezekiel Machogu.

Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ezekiel Machogu, on Monday, January 8, 2023, released the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination results at Moi Girls High School Eldoret.

Below are some of the schools whose results Education News has gathered so far. Stay tuned as we update the list as the results stream in;

School Name Mean Score
Moi High School, Kabarak 10.43
Mudasa Academy, Vihiga 10.4
Kapsabet Boys High School 10.2
Sawagongo High School 10.138
Matinyani Secondary School 9.97
Orero High School 9.97
Kenya High School 9.948
Pangani Girls High School 9.9
Chemelil Sugar Academy 9.89
St. Anthony Boys Kitale, Trans-Nzoia 9.845
Alliance Girls High School 9.8286
Kisima Mixed Secondary School, Nyahururu 9.8
St. Peter’s Abwao Secondary School 9.74611
Kiage Tumaini Boys’ High School 9.745
Alliance High School 9.591
Maranda High School 9.578
Lelwak Boys High School, Kapsabet 9.566
Maseno School 9.543
Loreto High School, Limuru 9.54
St. Therese Mbooni Girls High School 9.532
Rigena High School, Nyamache 9.509
Starehe Boys Centre 9.502
Moi Girls’ High School, Eldoret 9.5
Sheihk Khalifa Secondary School 9.42
Tonga Boys 9.371
Friends School Kamusinga, Kimilili 9.36501
Tenwek High School 9.334
Lugulu Girls High School 9.3289
Kagumo High School 9.306
Baricho Boys High School, Kerugoya     9.2739
Kipsigis Girls, Kericho 9.27
Mbita High School 9.2689
Butula Boys High School 9.23
Kanga High School 9.206
Butere Girls High School, Kakamega 9.1703
Bunyore Girls High School, Vihiga 9.12
Sunshine Secondary School 9.1
St. Francis Rang’ala Girls High School 9.08
Maliera Boys High School, Siaya 9.0667
St. Anne’s Muthale Girls’ 9.063
Lenana School 9.0431
Kitagwa Secondary School 8.99
Kwale High School 8.979
Kisii High School 8.95
Meru School 8.92
Makueni Boys High School 8.912
Nanyuki Boys’ High, Laikipia 8.897
Samoei Boys Secondary School 8.89
Precious Blood Riruta 8.8802
Kemeloi Boys High School 8.87
Tengecha Girls, Kericho 8.859
St. Mary’s Girls High School Igoji 8.8392
Oyugi Ogango Girls’ Secondary School 8.817
Christ the King Igembe School 8.81
St. Mary’s Winjo Mixed Secondary School 8.7778
Kabare Girls High School 8.7613
Kolanya Girls 8.7607
St. George Mixed Secondary School, Oyugis 8.76
St. Timon’s Rapondo Mixed Secondary 8.716
Materi Girls Education Centre 8.715
Moi Tea Girls High School, Kericho 8.707
Oloolaiser High School, Kajiado 8.7004
Wang’apala High School 8.7
Sameta High School, Kisii 8.6839
Mirogi Girls’ Secondary School, Homa-bay 8.663
Chogoria Girls’High School 8.65
Kabianga School, Kericho 8.65
St. Peter’s Mumias Boys High School 8.5833
Friends School Senende 8.57
Ugenya High School, Ugunja 8.5511
Moi Girls Isinya, Kajiado 8.5206
St. Joseph’s Chepterit Girls’, Kapsabet 8.5097
Chebwagan Boys 8.5
Nakuru Girls High School 8.5
Kathiani Girls’ High School 8.4984
Nakuru Boys High School 8.45
Kamagambo Adventist High School 8.4082
Kebirigo High School 8.408
Our Lady of Lourdes Nyabururu Girls 8.4
Asumbi Girls High School 8.3635
Baringo High School 8.3345
St. Joseph’s School, Rapogi 8.2804
St. Peter’s Seminary, Kakamega 8.28
St. Gregory Koru Girls High School, Koru 8.265
St. Patrick’s High School-Iten 8.263
Masara Secondary School, Suna-Migori 8.217
Chavakali Boys High School, Vihiga 8.185
Kanyawanga High School 8.1748
Matungulu Girls’ High School 8.15
Cheborge Boys High School, Litein 8.1354
Kaplong Girls High School, Bomet 8.10818
Moi High School – Mbiruri 8.0595
Kenyatta High School Mwatate 8.04
Friends School Kaimosi Girls, Vihiga  8.03
Sironga Girls’ High School, Nyamira 8.01
Molo Academy, Nakuru 8
Oriwo Boys High School 7.9727
Koporoch Girls 7.944
Thika High School, Kiambu 7.93
Nyakoiba Secondary School 7.901
Teremi High School, Chwele 7.901
Utumishi Boys Academy, Nakuru 7.9
Siongiroi girls, Bomet 7.89
St. Mary’s Mumias, Kakamega 7.87
Kapenguria School 7.784
Kakamega School 7.76
Kyang’ondu Mixed Secondary School 7.754
Cheborge Girls, Kericho 7.75
Khasokho Boys High School 7.70229
St. Peter’s Girls High School- Kaptere 7.66
Moi Girls High School Vokoli, Vihiga 7.603
Bahati Girls High School, Nakuru 7.6
St Rita Mariani Girls’ 7.6
Masol Secondary School 7.5714
The Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls, Kakamega 7.5
Ngere High School 7.485
Nduru Boys High School 7.471
St. Martin Kathonzweni School 7.436
Lelu Secondary School, Kericho 7.41
Chemamul Boys High School, Kericho 7.4
Moi Forces Academy Lanet 7.4
Samitsi Girls, Kakamega 7.37
Saisi Boys, Kakamega 7.3
Kameji Mixed Secondary School 7.24
Kaplong Boys, Bomet 7.2
Naivasha Girls 7.2
Tanyileel Girls Secondary School 7.2
Eshikulu Girls, Kakamega 7.15
Homa Bay High School 7.144
St. Celestino Nyangubo Girls, Migori 7.126
Kimulot Boys, Bomet 7.104
Kericho High 7.1
Litein Boys, Kericho 7.1
Emusire Boys High School, Vihiga  7.0947
Moi Gesusu High School 7.09
Dr. Aggrey School 7.086
Annet Secondary School 7.08
Sivilie Secondary School, Kakamega 7.06
Kadika Girls’ Secondary School 7.05
Nyasoko secondary school 7.04
Sori Boys’ High School 7.0255
Ndanai girls, Bomet 7.021
St. Monica, Bomet 7.01
Tengecha Boys, Kericho 7
St. Comboni Amakuriat 6.958
Mukumu Boys, Kakamega 6.95
Sacred Hill Girls Londiani, Kericho 6.95
St. Peter’s Kegonya Boys School 6.9411
St. Catherine Chepnyal 6.909
Isibania Boys High School 6.9028
Enaiposha Girls 6.9
Londiani Girls, Kericho 6.894
St. Theresa’s Tartar Girls High School 6.8913
Kimana Girls High School, Loitokitok 6.855
Chorwai Mixed Secondary School 6.85
Mtelo Girls Secondary School 6.785
Arch Bishop Njenga, Kakamega 6.69
Kipkelion Girls, Kericho 6.663
Korongoi Girls High School, Kericho 6.6549
AIC Litein Girls, Kericho 6.64
Friends School Keveye Girls, Vihiga 6.5935
Kunyak High School, Kericho 6.586
Itigo Girls High School 6.55
Chebonei Girls, Bomet 6.517
Cheptalal Girls’, Bomet 6.51
Lorna girls, Bomet 6.47
Bishop Masaga Ogada Girls’ School, Suna 6.4
Kapsangar Mixed Secondary School 6.39
Chelilis Girls, Kericho 6.369
Longisa Boys’ High School, Bomet 6.334
Kapsangaru high School, Bomet 6.333
Cherara Secondary School, Kericho 6.23
Giachere Friends Secondary School 6.167
Riambase D.E.B Secondary School 6.151163
Sobukwo Mixed Secondary School 6.11
Ngao Girls High School, Tana River 6.0625
Anjero High School, Migori 6.049
Sosiot Girls High School, Kericho 6.03
Kaboson Girls’ High School, Bomet 6.02
Otieno Oyoo High School 6.005
Lekimbo Secondary School, Bomet 5.89
Tom Mboya Ragana Complex Girls’ School 5.886
Nasokol Girls High School 5.687
Budalangi Boys High School, Busia 5.495
Nyabisawa Girls High School, Suna-Migori 5.223
Tarasaa Secondary School, Tana River 5.0357

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