Arati pledges to launch talent academies across Kisii County

Gold Medalist Mary Moraa is feted by Governor Arati during her homecoming ceremony at Obwari village, Nyaribari Masaba Constituency.

Kisii County Governor Simba Arati has pledged to establish talent academies in each sub-county to identify and nurture talents.

During an event celebrating the homecoming of Budapest 800 metres Gold medalist Mary Moraa at Obwari village in Nyaribari Masaba, Arati emphasized his administration’s dedication to supporting and developing talents by providing platforms and investing in sports infrastructure.

Expressing his willingness to collaborate with accomplished sports personalities to foster and support emerging talents, he announced the implementation of a programme aimed at supporting the youth in the area.

The governor encouraged parents to allow their children to engage in extra-curricular activities in schools, emphasizing their importance in overall development.

Kisii County governor and Medalist Mary Moraa during the homecoming ceremony at Obwari village,Ichuni Ward, Nyaribari Masaba Constituency.

He noted that it’s time parents to moved away from the belief that success can only be achieved through academic excellence, highlighting that just like education, sports and creative arts can lead to lucrative income opportunities.

He praised Moraa’s recent achievement in winning Gold at the World Athletics Championship in Hungary, viewing it as a source of immense pride for Kisii County.

He commended her spirit of competition and resilience as an inspiration to all.

Moraa, in turn, encouraged youth to pursue their talents and not be deterred by their backgrounds, citing her own journey from a challenging environment to success.

She pledged to mentor and support young upcoming athletes, inspired by her senior Hellen Obiri.

The event was also attended by Deputy Governor Robert Monda, Bomachoge Borabu MP Obadiah Barongo, county Assembly Speaker Philip Nyanumba, and a number of Ward representatives.

By Elizabeth Angira

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