Anxiety mounts as NG-CDF bursary is delayed

Form One students arriving at a school for admission. Fears are rife that they will soon be sent back home for fees as NG-CDF bursaries remain in limbo.

Anxiety is rising among parents in Matungulu Constituency as the disbursement of the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) bursary remains in limbo.

Concerned parents say that their children’s education will be grossly hampered because of the delay.

They therefore asked the government to hasten the process.

The parents who spoke to Education News said their children had reported to school this term without the requisite fees and were afraid that they will be sent back home soon.

Among those expressing concern is Fabian Mwiti, a youth leader in the area.

He underscores the potential repercussions of the delay on the educational pursuits of numerous children who heavily rely on bursaries.

According to Mwiti, the prolonged wait for financial assistance not only jeopardizes the academic trajectory of these students but also places them in a precarious position of potentially missing crucial class sessions.

Another parent who did not wish to be named said her child had not yet reported back to school as the school demands payment on the first day, or a hard proof of bursary allocation.

A section of legislators has claimed that Treasury had been delaying the disbursement of the funds ostensibly on technicalities even after President William Ruto assured of the release of the funds.

By Gastone Valusi

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