Anxiety brewing over TSC’s delay in releasing results of promotional interviews

TSC interviews
TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia addresses teachers during the 2023 World Teachers' Day celebrations. Photo by Obegi Malack.

Anxiety is simmering among primary school teachers who attended promotional interviews in December last year, with most of them wondering why the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) was taking so long to release the results.

A source at the Commission confirmed that the list of shortlisted candidates was yet to be released from the headquarters.

They explained to Education News that the processing of the results might take longer since they have to consider several factors apart from the scores obtained by candidates during the interviews.

Some of the factors in consideration include; discipline record, verification of the scores in the Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD), appraisals; justifying the stretched time considering the vetting of over 36,000 files and they have to scrutinize each file.

The source indicated that the results of the interviews could be released by April this year to allow the deployment of successful candidates to their respective stations.

The teachers’ employer conducted the promotional interviews to fill the 36,053 vacancies that were advertised in August last year in three phases; the first phase was conducted at the sub-county level targeting promotional Grades C1 to C5 in primary schools and was held from December 4 to 15, 2023.

The positions included Headteacher in regular primary schools and Special Needs Primary School T-Scale 10 where a total of 1,049 positions and 30 positions were up for grabs respectively, and Deputy Headteacher II in regular primary schools T-scale 9 with 1,930 positions.

Further, the TSC targeted to fill a total of 3,040 and 346 positions for Senior Teacher I in regular primary schools and SNE Primary schools T-scale 8 respectively, and 10,819 and 700 posts for Senior Teacher II in both regular and SNE Primary schools at T-scale 7 respectively.

The second phase of the interviews, recently concluded, targeted post-primary teachers seeking promotions in grades C3 to D1 at the County level, started from January 4 to 16, 2024.

These included teachers seeking promotions to Deputy Principal III in Regular Secondary Schools at T-scale 11 where a total of 1,014 positions were advertised, and Senior Master III in Regular Secondary Schools with 1,137 positions to be filled.

The Senior Lecturer IV position in Teacher Training Colleges at T-scale 9 had 216 positions, Senior Master IV in regular secondary schools at T-scale 9 had a whopping 12,576 positions up for grabs by secondary school teachers, while the Secondary Teacher I post in regular secondary schools T-scale 8 had only 1,918 positions to be filled.

The third phase of the promotional interviews will involve post-primary administrators seeking promotions in grades D2 to D5, which will be conducted at Regional levels from February 4 to 16, 2024.

The positions that will be filled are that of Chief Principal in Regular Secondary Schools at T-scale 15 where 34 positions are vacant, Senior Principal in Regular Secondary Schools T-scale 14 with 103 positions, Principal in regular secondary school at T-scale 13where 541 positions were advertised, Deputy Principal II in Regular Secondary Schools T-scale 12 with 528 positions up for grabs, and Senior Lecturer I T-scale 12 with 72 vacant positions.

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