Anguish as form four leavers certificates are detained over fees arrears

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Njeru, parents of the girl whose certificates have been retained at St. Mary’s Girls Kiang’ima Secondary School in Embu County.

Hundreds of form four leavers in Embu County who completed their secondary education last year cannot proceed to college or access employment due to schools retaining their certificates over unpaid fees and penalties.

A student who sought anonymity revealed that she did well in last year’s exams and would have attended the KDF recruitment drive had her certificate not been held at her former school.

Nicholas Njeru, a parent whose daughter’s certificate has been detained at St Mary’s Girls Kiang’ima over Ksh5,000 fees arrears, termed it a punishment for innocent children yet it’s parents who are supposed to pay the required levies.

“I have tried all I can to assure the principal that I’ll clear the arrears in installments to no avail,’’ he said.

Natasha Nyagah, who attained C+ in her exams, said despite her former school setting aside caution money for any loss of property, their certificates were still held.

She asked the government to intervene since some of the students whose certificates have been held are now suffering from mental health problems.

By Robert Nyagah

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