Agricultural skills learnt in CBC boon for food security

CBC pupils during an agriculture practical lesson at Talau Junior High School.

Talau Junior High School Headteacher Barnabas Chirchir has stated that the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) is not only shaping the future of learners but also emerging as a beacon of hope in the battle against food insecurity and drought.

Speaking during a tree planting event at the school, Chirchir regretted that many Kenyans have not utilized their farms for agriculture and added that agricultural skills acquired in the new curriculum will uplift local communities economically.

He termed CBC as a game-changer for many households as the pioneer Grade 7 students immerse themselves in diverse agricultural skills, enriching both their theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

The school head, who is also an agriculture enthusiast, underscored the remarkable potential learners possess to transform the agricultural landscape when given the opportunity.

He emphasized that schools possess capabilities to complement humanitarian organizations and government’s efforts toward achieving self-sufficiency in food production.

Chirchir assured area education stakeholders and students that the school is committed to realizing the success of CBC.

“We are diligently preparing our Grade 7 students to ensure that they progress to the next level of education by term’s end.” He remarked.

By Hillary Muhalia

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