Adults must lead by example for a better society

Wornicks Gisemba

Moral values and ethos are key elements for a rational society. With this in mind, adults have an obligation to instil virtues in children, first by walking the talk.

The good book says train a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Innumerably, adults have been negatively implicated for behaving horrendously in the presence of children, connoting a society short of basic human ethos and immense moral erosion.

This degeneration of basic principles poses a great danger to the society’s posterity.

Many schools have conspicuously inscribed their core values all over the compound. Expectations are that the administrators have in place mechanisms for the school community to embody these keenly selected core values.

Learners are expected to depict the values even after completing school.  Sadly, some school administrators have been found in absolute contravention of the very core values they preach.

With ‘Integrity’ and ‘Hard Work’ being among the school core values, morally diseased administrators still engage in examination malpractice. This condemnable absurdity breeds professionals with questionable career antecedents.

Self-discipline and trustworthiness are of utmost essence. Mistrust has made the government allocate colossal resources in the administration of the on-going national examinations. The resources would otherwise be used in other projects of nation building.

We have many times witnessed theft at accident scenes; onlookers stealing spilled goods from overturned transit vehicles instead of helping save lives of the accident victims.

They stack the loot in their cars as their children watch.

This is surreal and the height of moral degradation. Children easily learn through observation, and it will be nearly impossible to unlearn such experiences.

Let it be everyone’s mandate to foster integrity. When indifferent adults act so heinously in the full glare of children, they (children) will definitely regard it as a norm, thus perpetuating the vices when they become adults.

This way, we shall have left a less humane society; worse than we found it and under the care of hounds.

The writer is a teacher of English at Nkoile Boys High School, Kajiado Central. He is also an author and editor.   Website:

By Wornicks Gisemba

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