A clergy decries rampant teen pregnancy, calls on parents to be vigilant

Pastor Yabesh Mang’ondi of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church has decried the rising cases of teenage pregnancies in Nyamira as he called on parents to use this school holiday break to bond with their children.

The clergy attributed rampant teen pregnancy to the generation gap between parents and their children.

“Through family life programmes in our church, these social chains and barriers among parents and their children are broken to set families free.” He said.

He asked parents to allow their children to attend church camps during this holiday for spiritual nourishment.

Mang’ondi who shepherds at Gachuba district of Nyamira West district cautioned parents against sending their children to stay with relatives but instead stay with them to understand their characters.

He also said that the church gives education-related programmes to students and therefore showing them to attend religious services reinforces their education development.

‘Religion and education are sisters that run interdependently.” He said.

The religious leader said students spend three-quarters of their time with teachers therefore parents should use the holiday break to bond with their children.

He asked the youth to embrace church teachings and shun drug and substance abuse which is the enemy of proper mental development.

The shepherd said unlike in the past, his church has readjusted its programmes to accommodate the needs of the youth in the world of technology.

The Seventh Adventist (SDA) church holds Camp meetings annually in the month of August at different cluster regions under one theme of teachings to its faithfuls in the country.

By Enock Okong’o

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