52-year-old mother of 4 pursues KCSE after dropping from school in 1988

The KCSE exam adult candidate Veronica Khabamba, 52 from Budalangi constituency, Busia during a group training workshop in Busia town recently.

A 52-year-old mother of four and a KCSE candidate at Our Lady of Mercy Girls Secondary School in Busia town Veronica Khabamba has embarked on an educational journey, resuming her studies decades after abandoning them in form three due to an unexpected pregnancy.

Speaking during an interview with Education News at her residence in Nambengele, Ruambwa sub-location, Budalangi constituency, Busia County, Khabamba revealed that the birth of her first child led to her premature departure from Aluor Girls Secondary School in 1988.

“Despite plans to resume learning post-delivery, financial constraints, aggravated by my nephew’s (a marine officer in the US) failure to assist with school fees, thwarted my ambitions,” she stated.

Determined to overcome societal expectations and spurred by her proximity to the political elite, who favoured English communication, Khabamba decided to enrol in an adult class.

“My ultimate goal is to complete the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams this year,” she stated.

Expressing her motivation, Khabamba highlighted her embarrassment at lacking academic credentials when engaged with influential figures.

Undeterred, she emphasized the importance of education for women, irrespective of age or past setbacks, encouraging others not to relinquish their aspirations.

Fulfilling a long-held dream, Veronica aims to become a beauty therapist, currently attending a hairdressing institution alongside her studies.

By Ochieng’ Achieng’

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