368 teachers recruited in January 2023 have not received their 8 months’ salaries

Dr Julius Olayo, TSC Director for Human Resource Management and Development /File Photo

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Three 368 newly recruited teachers who were employed by TSC in January 2023 have not received their salaries and remunerations because of incorrect information in their documents.

TSC Director of Human Resources Management and Development Dr. Julius Olayo has said that those teachers who are affected should ensure they submit correct details of their information to the TSC Sub County Directors in their respective Counties so that the commission can facilitate the payment of their salaries and remunerations.

Speaking at Lake Naivasha Resort during a five-day- Consultative workshop between TSC Management and Sub-county Directors, Dr. Olayo said some of the problems that have led to delays in the payment of those teachers are Erroneous information and illegible copies of National Identity Cards and KRA pins.

Dr. Olayao said the teachers who are affected submitted the wrong TSC numbers, he urged them to submit the correct TSC numbers.

He said that according to the data from the TSC Headquarters some teachers were posted to multiple working stations making the TSC not to be sure in specific school they are working.

He urged the heads of Institutions to submit a report to the Sub County Directors, that will enable the Commission to know where the teachers are teaching.

He also said some teachers report to workstations and immediately disappear, now the commission is not aware of their whereabouts.

“Some teachers who were recruited report to their workstations and then disappear, now the commission cannot pay them salary until we have proven that they reported and they are working in their working”, said Olaya.

He added that the commission, uses the public fund and it can only be paid to teachers who are working.

Dr. Olayo also said some teachers failed to take their employment letters making the commission stop facilitating their salaries and remunerations saying the TSC head office is working closely with the Regional office at County and Sub County levels to ensure all teachers who have not received their employment letters receive and report to their work stations so that the commission.

He said some teachers who were newly recruited submitted dormant Bank Accounts to the commission and urged those teachers to ensure they activate their Bank Accounts.

Dr. Olayo added that some teachers submitted incomplete documents to the commission during the recruitment process and the commission requested them to ensure they submit all required documents to the commission’s field officers.

While addressing the Teachers’ leave, Dr. Olayo said all teachers are civil servants and they are entitled to various leaves as required by the laws, but he said the Commission must approve the leave of any teacher before he or she takes the leave.

He said some teachers go for leave even before the Commission approves it and held that teachers should ensure they go for their leave only after it has been approved by the commission.

By Peter Otuoro

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