2 KCSE candidates die after drinking ethanol in school

Two KCSE candidates have lost their lives due to ethanol consumption at their school’s laboratory in Karigini Mixed Day Secondary School in Muthambi, Tharaka Nithi County.

Reportedly, this incident unfolded on a fateful Thursday when the students ingested the toxic chemical and began exhibiting severe symptoms, prompting their transfer to Chuka Referral Hospital the following day.

The County Nursing Officer Kenneth Micheni revealed that the 11 students currently under medical care at the facility were in stable condition, although they displayed mild residual effects.

“Regrettably, upon their arrival at the hospital, the two students were already beyond medical assistance,” he lamented.

Micheni further stated that the deceased could have been saved had they received immediate medical attention.

County Police Commander Zacchaeus Ng’eno initiated investigations into the incident.

“Initial reports from the school suggested that the students initially did not manifest signs of the chemical’s adverse effects after their consumption,” he reported.

Reportedly, a team of education and health officials arrived at the school upon learning of the incident.

The students cooperated with the officials, providing information that confirmed their consumption of ethanol.

The County Director of Education Bridget Wambua expressed her deep regret over the incident and called for greater vigilance from the school administration.

It is worth noting that the school had only 24 KCSE candidates within a total student population of 71.

George Kaburu, the School Board Chairman, labelled the incident as deeply unfortunate and attributed the tragic loss of the two students to the delay in their transfer to the hospital.

By John Majau

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