1800 West Pokot ECDE teachers trained on modern learning and teaching strategies

West Pokot ECDE Director Joseph Tonyirwo opening a one week training for ECDE teachers. Photo by Hillary Muhalya

Over 1800 Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers in West Pokot County benefited from a one week training programme at Tegla Loroupe Multi-Purpose Hall.

The training was conducted by EIDU and TAYARI initiatives and was aimed at enriching pedagogical skills of the teachers especially in theory and practical in the use of simple Information Communication Technology (ICT) to make learning interesting and meaningful.

West Pokot teachers during the training.

Speaking during the opening of the training, the ECDE Director Joseph Tonyirwo outlined that the EIDU and TAYARI initiatives were the ways to go in order to be relevant to the ever changing world of the 21st century and appealed to all teachers to take the training seriously since quality, relevance, access and equity were imperative.

He said that EIDU would harmonise the disparity between low and middle level countries to be at par with the developed world to form a global education platform where all stakeholders would interact at the same level and demystify complexity in the education arena.


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On the other hand, he introduced the TAYARI acronym as a tutor who gets to class well prepared, ready not just with any other content but possessing relevant experience and armed with up-to-date content that is built on ICT.

The trainers led by Sarah Chebet, outlined that the training was mainly delving on a technology based platform which integrates high impact interventions into a simpler single coherent system that is easy to use by teachers, learners and other key education stakeholders.

She added that the programme is being rolled in four counties courtesy of the Children Investment Fund Foundation which has partnered with the Ministry Of Education and the county governments to make learning more meaningful and humorous.

Teachers interviewed stated that through the programme, subjects like Arithmetic and Language would become so easy to the learners and as such having difficulty with reading would be a thing of the past.

They thanked the organisers for providing them with ICT gadgets that have been a game changer in teaching of very complex concepts.

Through the initiative, learning process, teachers presence or absence, learners progress and many other areas of assessment, can be tracked online by relevant officers without even visiting the institutions.

By Hillary Muhalya

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