16,000 students to benefit from lunch programme by Limuru NGCDF, NGO

Limuru MP John Kiragu. Photo Courtesy.

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The Limuru sub-county National Government-Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) and Food for Education (an NGO specializing in nutrition programmes) have partnered to launch a lunch programme set to benefit more than 16,000 children in Kiambu County.

The programme, worth Ksh20 million, targets 40 public primary schools in the area.

The partnership seeks to ensure all school-going children, most of whom miss lunch due to poverty and the current challenging economic times, are provided with nutritious meals daily,

The innovative programme is not only expected to have a positive impact on the children but also on the local job market since it will create 150 job opportunities in various schools, including roles for cooks and support staff.

A state-of-the-art kitchen facility will be constructed at Kamandura Primary School where the initial phase will be carried out. The distribution of meals to other schools will be facilitated by trucks, while the establishment of modern kitchen facilities continues in other primary schools.

“Any child running on an empty stomach cannot concentrate in class. It is just natural, and so by having them fed in school, we shall see an improvement even as we offload parents from the lunch bill,” Limuru MP John Kiragu stated.

During the official launch of the programme at Mirithu Primary School, Limuru Constituency Manager Earnest Gacumi expressed optimism on the programme’s impact on education in the region.

“We have found that many children forego lunch in school at their most critical age of growth. With this programme, we shall have better results and retain all children in school,” Gacumi stated.

Parents in the region have welcomed the initiative with open arms.

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